Monday, September 6, 2010

Kidney Transplantation: Principles and Practice (Morris,Kidney Transplantation FREE DOWNLOAD


* Provides a comprehensive description of surgical techniques, immunosuppressive methods, outcomes, risks, and medical considerations related to kidney transplantation, both in adults and children, in one convenient reference.
* Presents more than 335 superb illustrations-50 in full color-that demonstrate key concepts and nuances of techniques.
* Features a multidisciplinary approach from contributors from around the world-many new to this edition-offers practice-applicable guidance for all members of the transplant team, with coverage encompassing applied science, clinical information, and surgical procedures.
* Offers evidence-based decision making advice in renal transplantation-supported by a wealth of data in chapters written by internationally recognized experts-to help you make the most informed clinical decisions.
* Offers new tables and figures as well as revised and updated chapters that report new data and present current practice guidelines.
* Features a new chapter on transplantation in the sensitized patient to assist you with transplant cases that present unique challenges.
* Describes the latest preclinical and clinical immunosuppressive strategies, to help you see the link between clinical issues and the basic sciences.
* Offers tissue typing methodology updates, equipping you with the newest methods of assessing immune responses to the kidney.
* Features a new chapter on chronic allograft nephropathy.

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