Monday, September 20, 2010

Pain Review: Expert Consult FREE DOWNLOAD


Pain Review: Expert Consult
By Steven D. Waldman MD JD

* Number Of Pages: 780
* Publication Date: 2009-01-21

Product Description:
Dr. Steven Waldman, a noted authority in the multidisciplinary field of pain management, has assembled an excellent study guide for certifying or recertifying in pain management. A keyword-oriented review of the specialty, it offers the consistent approach and editorial style that make Dr. Waldman's books and atlases some of the most widely read in the field. An easy-access, templated approach helps you to access desired information quickly, and clear illustrations make difficult concepts easier to understand. Covering an exhaustive list of known and defined pain syndromes classified by body region, this is the one must-have book for anyone preparing for examinations. Expert Consult functionality allows you to access the entire contents of the book from any Internet connection.

* Provides a keyword-oriented review of pain medicine that closely follows the board style of examination and study.
* Maintains a consistent approach and editorial style as a single-authored text by noted authority Steven D. Waldman, MD.
* Utilizes a templated format so you access the information you need quickly and easily.
* Makes difficult concepts easier to understand using clear conceptual illustrations.
* Creates a virtual one-stop shop with an exhaustive list of known and defined pain syndromes classified by body region.

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