Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cytometric Analysis of Cell Phenotype and Function FREE DOWNLOAD


Cytometric Analysis of Cell Phenotype and Function
By Desmond A. McCarthy, Marion G. Macey

* Number Of Pages: 430
* Publication Date: 2001-11-26

Product Description:
Flow cytometry and laser scanning cytometry are increasingly used in clinical and research settings due to improvements in instrument design and computing power and the increased availability of fluorescent agents. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and clinical applications of these techniques in the assessment of cell phenotype and function. With an emphasis on clinical relevance, the book presents the principles and potential of cytometry in the analysis of phenomena including cell-mediated cytotoxicity, metabolic burst, phagocytosis, cell-cell aggregation, receptor shedding, and apoptosis. The volume guides the reader through data interpretation, quality control procedures, pitfalls, and problems.

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