Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Clinician's Guide to Dermatologic Differential Diagnosis (Encyclopedia of Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology) FREE DOWNLOAD

Volume 1: The Text


One of the most ambitious texts to be published in dermatology for some years, this is a comprehensive guide to dermatologic conditions, classified by physical findings, and referenced to current literature. There are 284 entries, arranged alphabetically. The art and science of clinical dermatology rest with the ability of the clinician to formulate an appropriate differential diagnosis by defining and synthesizing the physical findings; this book serves as a guide in that quest, and will be both educational and stimulating to dermatologists at all levels of training and practice.
Volume 1 is an extremely detailed listing of differential diagnostic possibilities, with titles such as cutis laxa-like appearance, figurative erythemas, painful tumors, or syndactyly. In the case of the more common issues such as papules, there are multiple possibilities-crusted, digital, dirty brown, distal-digital-white, facial solitary, flat-topped, and many more. Under each category, the differential diagnostic considerations are broken down into categories such as autoimmune disease, congenital disorders, drugs, exogenous agents, infections, syndromes, and other and other appropraite divisions.

Volume 2: The Atlas


A visual companion to one of the most ambitious texts to be published in dermatology for some years, this is a comprehensive guide to 284 dermatologic conditions by means of up to 4000 color photographs. These photographs are used as examples of each of the multiple diagnostic possibilities, with an emphasis on unusual presentations of common clinical entities, as well as common presentations of rare and unusual disorders. Readers who use this Atlas in conjunction with the separate compendium of diagnostic categorization will be able to fine-tune their visual diagnostic skills at the same time as their organizational thought processes in an instructive and enjoyable intellectual and clinical exercise. This unique high-quality road map through clinical dermatology should form part of the core library of every practicing dermatologist.
Volume 2 contains more than 4000 color illustrations arranged in exactly the same way, following the differential diagnostic possibilities. For example, acneiform eruptions are covered by 65 pictures and 5 pages of text with several hundred references.

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