Thursday, August 26, 2010

Understanding Genetics: DNA, Genes, and Their Real-World Applications TTC videos FREE DOWNLOAD


Course Lecture Titles

1.Our Inheritance
2.Mendel and Genes
3.Genes and Chromosomes
4.The Search for the Gene—DNA
5.DNA Structure and Replication
6.DNA Expression in Proteins
7.Genes, Enzymes, and Metabolism
8.From DNA to Protein
10.Manipulating Genes—Recombinant DNA
11.Isolating Genes and DNA
12.Biotechnology—Genetic Engineering
13.Biotechnology and the Environment
14.Manipulating DNA by PCR and Other Methods
15.DNA in Identification—Forensics
16.DNA and Evolution
17.DNA and Human Evolution
18.Molecular Medicine—Genetic Screening
19.Molecular Medicine—The Immune System
20.Molecular Medicine—Cancer
21.Molecular Medicine—Gene Therapy
22.Molecular Medicine—Cloning and Stem Cells
23.Genetics and Agriculture
24.Biotechnology and Agriculture

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  1. Super...I really recommend it for all life science students...



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