Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Dictionary of Virology


a book that is fascinating, informative and even amusing in places...more than just a list of names, it contains a vast store of useful entries, usually with key references, pertaining to all aspects of clinical and molecular virology... for these reasons alone, it is highly recommended. Its charm however, lies in its feast of' little-known facts'... (the deadly Duvenhage virus only isolated twice from human brains after their owners had been bitten by bats and (obviously) fatal on both occasions; Humpty Doo virus (HDOOV), an unassigned vertebrate rhabdovirus; Pseudolumpy skin desease; and High 5 cells are some of the other gems... And unexpectedly amusing is the entry under the paediatric infection 'TORCH' screen which I will not spoil by revealing here... Extremely useful and it should be on every virological shelf where it will be frequently consulted."

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